Angels Whisper in My Ear

Written by Wil

I have a confession: I have absolutely no understanding of how cell phones work.

Seriously – the idea that I can carry a tiny rectangle around in my pocket, tap its surface, talk to it, and have those words relayed instantly to someone on the other side of the world seems to defy logic.

The Science Behind Science

I’ve actually tried to understand it. I’ve read a few articles, watched a YouTube video, and had someone smart explain it to me, as if I were a 5th grader.

They tried comparing it to how two-way radios and walkie-talkies work (no help – I don’t understand those either). Then they broke down the process it its simplest form.

First, they explained how the rectangle converts my voice into an electric signal, which is then converted into radio waves and beamed up to a cell tower, which then slingshots those waves toanother tower near the person I’m speaking to, and then everything converts back in reverse, until the other person can hear my voice coming out of his rectangle, a mere fraction of a second after I said it to my rectangle.

And all of this happens almost instantaneously. At the speed of sound.


I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing that yelling at a rectangle in North Carolina can make a rectangle in the Czech Republic yell at another person. And in my voice. And using my words. It sounds like a bunch of witchcraft.

Therefore, due to the lack of any overt evidence for cellular technology that I can understand, I have formed my own opinion.

Angels Whisper

It is my belief that angels live inside of our phones. She’ll listen to whoever is speaking to me, then fly over and whisper the words in my ear. Since angels are believed to exist in a world with God where time is not a constraint (the way it is for us), then this seems very plausible.

Far more plausible than the witchcraft of invisible radio laser beams and magical rectangles.

Before dismissing this idea as ridiculous, we should take into account the latest Gallup Poll says 72% of Americans believe in angels.

72% believe that angels are real. To put that into perspective, only 74% know that the Earth rotates around the sun, 68% believe that climate change is caused by human activities, and 57% believe in some form of evolution – despite overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus.

Since more Americans believe that angels are real than that our species has evolved – and their main argument tends to be that they don’t understand evolution and science is wrong, then it should be reasonable for me to also argue that science is wrong because I don’t understand cellular technology, and that the true theory involves angels.

Angels Don’t Whisper

Obviously, I don’t believe that angels whisper in my ear (although I honestly don’t understand how cell phones work), but this is how silly the arguments against scientifically-proven explanations sound coming from somebody who doesn’t understand the science.

It would be completely appropriate for someone who studies advanced biology, chemistry or physics to disagree with the consensus and offer an alternative theory. After all, that’s what drives scientific discovery.

But the next time you hear someone with absolutely no understanding or advanced education of complex subjects such as evolution or climate change (including our elected political representatives) argue against science simply because it doesn’t make to them, I hope you’ll think back to my angels whisper in my ear theory and dismiss their opinion, as you would mine.

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