Am I Going to Heaven?

Written by Wil

Friends – in your opinion, am I going to Heaven?

I don’t believe in any monotheistic religions. I don’t actually believe that a god exists, mainly because there’s never been any proof – but I don’t deny that one could exist. Tho, I would argue that if one does, it wouldn’t be anything close to what any human has ever described. It would be far beyond our comprehension.

But none of that really matters. The point is – regardless of which god or which religion you believe in – I don’t share your view.

So, am I going to Heaven or Hell?

If you say Heaven, and your reasoning is that I’m a good person, then you’re likely not really a member of whichever religion you claim. You can’t be a Christian and tell me that I don’t believe in God, but because I’m a good person, I’m going to Heaven. Because that isn’t what Christianity preaches.

No religion does. And here’s the reason – if a religion taught you that the only thing that matters is being a good person, and it doesn’t matter if you believe in their specific version of religion – then there’d be no reason for anyone to attend their places of worship and donate money. All you’d have to do is be a good person.

Instead, religion teaches you to believe what they say and get rewarded with an everlasting paradise. If you don’t, then your soul burns for eternity.

Note that nothing about that has anything to do with morality. A good person can be born in a non-Christian part of the world, be a good person all their life, and then burn in hell because they believed in the wrong god. I’m surely going to Hell for believing what science has taught us, and my children will burn because they were born to the wrong parents.

Yet, a person who rapes and murders children for their entire life needs only to eventually get caught, and then, when they’re completely out of options and are sitting on death row, they need only to be visited by a priest and convinced to accept Jesus – which will land them in eternity in paradise, where he can watch the souls of my sons and I burn.

It’s difficult for me to understand why anybody would WANT this to be true.

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