En Why Cee feat. Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murda & Tess

Written by Wil

[Intro: Tess] It’s New York!!!!

[DJ Camillo Scratching] (Tess)
“Who them niggas?!” “I talk the talk!” “Say it motha!!!…” “We walk the walk”
“Strictly live niggas in New York New York!!!” (It’s New York!!!)
“Who them niggas?!” “Strictly live” “I talk the talk!” “Strictly live”
“We walk the walk” “Strictly live” “Say it mothafucker!!!…” (It’s New York!)

[Verse 1: Juganot] (Tess)
City grimey and gritty one of the greatest states located northeast of the equator
The city that never sleeps was on hiatus now be back with flamers (It’s New York!)
Yeah! The innovators of the rap game are back to reclaim the throne hey what’s happenin?!
I’m the Juganot, bitch I’ve been rappin since I was young playin catch a kiss (It’s New York!)
Check it out! Got a walk with an awkward swagger and talk with a venomous fork tongue grammar
We taught to be cautious of boys with the badge cause the police harass us (It’s New York!)
Yeah! Can no man surpass us we advance the fastest the further out of New York, they more like molasses
It’s just the popular opinion of the masses reason we so gassed is

[Hook: Tess] (DJ Camillo scratches and fades Tess singing) (*Joell Ortiz)
It’s New York! New York! It’s New York! New York!
It’s New York! (*Uh! Uh!)

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz] (Tess)
Top five with the murder rate
We takin lives and never give them back they invertebrate
We murdered eight ball jackets and triple fat gooses
Naturally packaged and you can run that hat stupid!!! (It’s New York!)


[Verse 3: Juganot] (Tess)
Yeah! We took break beats and looped it
Crew spit to it and normally creatin a new music
And it kept rollin till this day it’s a huge movement
It’s only slow when you chop and screw it (It’s New York!)

[Verse 4: Joell Ortiz] (Tess)
The birthplace of this hip hop, four finger rings
Rope chains and a big box
Forties to the brain, a decent sized marker
So everyone saw your name before you got off the train (It’s New York!)

[Verse 5: Juganot] (Tess)
Hey! Hey! Catch a little fame with the krylon
On the gates from the bodega you had your eye on
New York is full of crime that’s where the beef cooks
Crooks, jooks, even police is crooked (It’s New York!)

[Verse 6: Joell Ortiz] (Tess)
Yeah! Bronx, Manhattan, Staten, Queens and Brooklyn!!!
You stomp flat or get out before you leave to bookin
Johnny pump open like who wanna get soaked?!
Walked off riffin cause your beeper broke (It’s New York!)

[Verse 7: Juganot] (Tess)
Yeah yeah! No joke never provoke, the New York locals
We tote iron and ain’t afraid at firin at po’ po’
Tattle tettlin will get a nigga clipped for real
This niggas will flip on a snitch for squealin
You know the deal man! (It’s New York!)

[Verse 8: Joell Ortiz] ’07 and I miss the feelin
These whipper snappers find snappin their wrist appealin
I chitter chattin that bigger rappin he’ll get it music
Cause where I’m from see we know how to do this

[Hook: Tess] (DJ Camillo scratches and fades Tess singing) (*Uncle Murda)
It’s New York! New York! It’s New York! (*East New York!!! Yeah!!! Manhood!!!)
New York!
It’s New York!

[Verse 9: Uncle Murda] (Tess)
You know I’m G’d to admire my enemies
Now I’m in the studio with Camillo I’m treed up
Smokin my haze man, mixed with some kush man
It’s so powerful I coughed up one full man (It’s New York!)
You see I gotta smoke, relax so I don’t hurt nobody
If I’m sober I’m on the edge I might merk somebody
I got so much drama in New York it ain’t funny
But I’m a G that don’t stop me from gettin my money (It’s New York!)
Man you know I hustle hard with that thing on my hip
Lookin for the Po’ Po’ while I’m smokin my spliff
They say the weed make you paranoid well I’m on point
You can’t walk up on me without me pullin out my joint
I’m like hold up, who that, let me see your hand son?!
He said Murda you buggin, it’s your man son
I had to look real hard like, oh he good
It’s dark outside you know how it be in the hood


[Hook: Tess] (DJ Camillo scratches and fades Tess singing)
It’s New York! New York! It’s New York! New York!
It’s New York!

[Outro: Juganot] Yo Scram!!!! This joint is crazy!!!!

[Tess] It’s New York!

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