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A classic album isn’t just born over a small amount of time. That’s why most artists don’t have any potential classics in 2010. It’s possible to come up with one in the allotted time but a real good album takes the time and effort. This is why John Regan’s Sorry I’m Late is going to be one of those underground albums that is praised for years to come.

None of the fourteen records deal with the subject matters of drugs, violence or sex. A sorrow filled record about heartbreak lies within the Joell Ortiz and Meylin assisted “Yesterday”. YZ, who produced most of the album, gives a nice drum set mixed in with the melancholy mood setting voice of Meylin. In rare form, Joell’s verse is more on the story telling side of the haunting truth that his girl is gone.

That isn’t the only record dealing with relationships though. Following it is “She Loves Me…Not”. What more can someone say then it’s got a nice Guitar backed beat and a catchy hook. In similar fashion, “She & H.E.R.” is structured like a woman but secretly, or not so secretly, is about Hip-Hop. Needlz pulled off a nice production for John to lay his extrospective words.

The bulk of this album is designed to be more than just club music or street music. It’s got a splash of Mood Muzik but mostly to the taste of John’s style. His best spins come from “One Day In Heaven” and “Star”. Two inspiring joints that come right after each other to end the actual album portion (bonus tracks follow). If you were expecting some street music to sell drugs to or ride out with the homies, you won’t find it here.

For being an independent artist, Sorry I’m Late is very well structured and, in simple terms, musically amazing. People who need some kick back music or something that can relate to your relationship and family problems will love this. No apologies for being late. Take as long as you need if the music will turn out like John’s album.

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