NQM reviews John Regan: Sorry I’m Late

Written by Wil

1. Sorry I’m Late – Features production from YZ, serves as the albums intro, John Regan apologies for being late for the most important things in life.

2. Breath Of Fresh Air – Over some guitar influenced production, Regan speaks on why he’s a breath of fresh air in this hip hop game.

3. Yesterday feat. Joell Ortiz, Meylin – Light piano keys, every verse is on point, these type of beats can bring the greatest out of any artist. YZ does just that with Regan and Joell Ortiz. Easily one of my favorites on the album.

4. She Loves Me…Not feat. Drew Hudson – Produced by Dub B & The JYG. Another great production, which equals a great lyrical song. Regan asks if she loves me for pursing his passion or not. Another favorite.

5. Nobody’s Somebody feat. Nottz – Regan recruits 88 Keys & Nottz on the production tip for this track. “I can win a race without even putting my shoes on”. Regan is determined to win either way. You can tell the hunger in his voice over this track. Regan manages to get Nottz to spit a verse which doesn’t disappoint.

6. All I Got to Give ft. Marsha Ambrosius – Produced by YZ. A soulful beat with a Marsha Ambrosius chorus is always a win in my book. These types of beats and lyrics are what hip hop lacks and Regan proves his all with this track.

7. Paint the World – Features PackFM and production YZ. Regan proves he can be versatile in his lyrics over different beats. The scratched chorus is an excellent touch to a hip hop track.

8. She & H.E.R. – Produced by Needlz , with a Common sample from “I Use To Love H.E.R” with scratched hooks, and soulful instrumental, Regan chooses between his girl, or his love for hip hop. One of my favorite joints on the album by far.

9. 9:57 Interlude – Produced by YZ, One of tracks I wasn’t feeling on the album, for some reason it just didn’t catch my interest.

10. Suicide ediciuS – Produced by Needlz. Needlz delivers another soulful instrumental for Regan who absolutely DELIVERS on this track. Clever title, and concept by Regan.

11. One Day in Heaven ft. Skyzoo & Jaiden – Produced by YZ. Regan recruits Brooklyn MC Skyzoo and singer Jaiden. Another one of my favorites simply because I can relate to this song/lyrics from both artists.

12. Stars – Features Nicholas Howard with production from Needlz & YZ. Starts off with a little spoken word from Regan, and again, another track I can keep on repeat.

Bonus Track – Devil’s Eye Featuring Ill Bill & Juganot produced by YZ . This track I wasn’t feeling either, the same with 9:57 Interlude, I don’t really know why.

Bonus: Up There with You – Featuring Sha Stimuli, Naledge (Kidz in the Hall) & Wayna & Produced by YZ. Sha Stimuli murders his verse; Regan & Naledge has to be easily one of the hardest verses I’ve heard in a while. Soulful singing over the chorus doesn’t disappoint.

Overall the album is a great listen with an exception of “9:57” and “Devil’s Eye”, I give “Sorry I’m Late” an 7.5/10. Very dope lyrics and instrumentals with features from great artists. John Regan’s debut is a classic in my book.


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