Jamesy Boy

Written by Wil

Starring Spencer Lofranco, James Woods & Mary-Louise Parker.

We negotiated licensing agreements for two songs off of the album John Regan: Sorry I’m Late to be used for the score of the film Jamesy Boy. The film was shot in Baltimore, which is the hometown of John Regan – making this a very personal accomplishment, as well. The film was released in theaters January 17th, 2014 and was made available on DVD two months later, in March.

While reviews from critics were universally poor, more than 4,700 users rated it a respectable 6.3/10 on IMDb. The reviews were similar on Rotten Tomato, where critics rated it at only 26%, while 57% of the audience liked the film, giving it an average rating of 3.5/5.


Paint the World
Produced by YZ for YZ Music
Performed by John Regan for Culture VI Records and PackFM for QN5 Music
Written by J. Regan, O. Tull, Y. Zwadiuk, W. Loesel

Produced by Needlz for Dry Rain Entertainment & YZ for YZ Music
Performed by John Regan for Culture VI Records, Inc. & PackFM for QN5 Music
Written by W. Loesel, N. Howard, K. Cain, Y. Zwadiuk

Paint the world was featured in the official trailer. On YouTube, the trailer has received over a million views, while the full movie has been streamed an additional 400k.


‘Jamesy Boy’ Original Score Album Announced


Spencer Lofranco
Jamesy Boy, John Gotti

Mary-Louise Parker
2 Golden Globes, Emmy Award, Tony Award
Weeds, The West Wing, Fried Green Tomatoes, Proof

Ving Rhames
Golden Globe
Mission: Impossible, Rosewood, Pulp Fiction, Bringing Out the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Out of Sight

James Woods
3 Emmy Awards, Golden Globe
Casino, The Way We Were, Once Upon a Time in America, Too Big to Fail

I met Needlz through 88-Keys, who produced Nobody’s Somebody with Nottz.

The Baltimore Sun’s Review

There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in “Jamesy Boy,” the based-on-a-true-story tale of a jailed street tough who, after much trial and error, finds redemption and a productive life inside the margins of society.

But that’s an old warhorse of a story, and there’s simply not enough up on the screen to make this take on it appreciably different from so many that have come before. Watching it, there’s the nagging suspicion that there should be more to all this, and the occasional scene hints at what makes the story of James Burns distinctive enough to warrant big-screen treatment. But the movie stubbornly refuses to go down those paths.

Newcomer Spencer Lofranco plays Burns, a sullen teen who’s misunderstood at home — his mother (Mary-Louise Parker) tries desperately, but the kid is in serious need of a father figure — and shunned at school (when he even bothers to go there). The only people he’s able to relate to are teens even more troubled than he is and a violent drug pusher who welcomes him into the fold (think Fagin from Dickens’ “Oliver Twist,” but with a short fuse and far more firepower), with predictably tragic results.

Burns ends up in jail, where he simultaneously runs afoul of the corrupt, overwhelmed warden (James Woods, phoning it in) and is befriended by the gruff but surprisingly literate lifer-with-a-heart-of-gold (Ving Rhames). The warden sees this kid as just another piece of meat for the prison system to devour, while the inmate believes this is a kid worth helping.

And so it goes, as the opposing forces battle for James’ soul. There’s little missing where all this is headed, especially when shy, beautiful Sarah (Taissa Farmiga) shows up as the girl from the right side of the tracks who sees James’ underlying goodness.

Lofranco makes James both believable and appealing; you understand that this guy is more damaged than dangerous. And Parker nails her too-infrequent scenes.

Annapolis native Trevor White, in his feature-film directorial debut, exhibits a sure hand and a keen eye, letting the story play out without unnecessary tricks or overwrought narrative. But the script, co-written by White and Lane Shadgett, lets way too many ends dangle. Story threads that suggest new or intriguing twists in the story are given short shrift.



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