Young Chris Interview | Jay-Z & State Property

Sitting with Young Chris in the studio discussing working with Jay-Z we get to see a different side of the artist who “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. To quote the man himself, “it’s a gift and a curse.” We discuss the difficulty of having to be flawless due to the higher level of scrutiny an artist has to deal with when they are presented to the world by an icon. I can only imagine it as one of those dreams you have as a child, a dream that once realized can be more terrifying than any nightmare you can imagine.

Chris: The Young Veteran

We got the opportunity to sit in on a recording session with Young Chris and Freeway, the man with the mother of all beards.

When the expectations are set too high… sometimes it’s a setup for failure.

We discuss State Property and how, as a teenager in high school, he was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and introduced to Beanie Sigel a fellow Philadelphian. Young Chris opens up about battling on Hot 97 to make the cut.

We touch base on giving away free music to build a buzz. He expands on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” revealing that it was a song done independently that DJs ran with before it was backed by Roc-A-Fella.

This was the buzz we created ourselves.

Young Chris opens up about life after Roc-A-Fella and working independently. He talks about dealing with the bullshit that comes with being in the business and trying to maintain a positive outlook during times when most people would dwell on the negative.

Having Jay-Z as a friend for life has its benefits, especially for a young rapper building a brand independently. He’s done it all and I can’t think of a better mentor in the rap game for an artist trying to swim through the muck that is the music industry.

I’m bringing me now and it’s no bad blood.

To hear Young Chris speak about signing to Roc-A-Fella, being a part of State Property and his relationship with Jay-Z watch the video.

In closing, it’s important for people to recognize other people’s dreams. You may have a friend, son, brother, cousin, etc., who aspires to be in the music industry. They exposed themselves to you (not like that) when they shared their dream with you. Maybe they didn’t sound as polished as your favorite artists. Maybe they needed to work on their lyrics, flow, beat selection, voice, etc.

You must always remember, practice makes perfect, and with your support they just might be good one day. They just might be great. We aren’t all as fortunate as Young Chris, I think he knows that and I think that’s exactly why he continues to grind, to inspire others to keep dreaming.

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