Hello Brooklyn! Goodbye Knicks. (Is it Okay to Switch?)

Written by Wil

This is a very exciting time for New York sports. We’ve been given a mulligan. See, most of us pick our teams when we’re really young and often immature. We base our loyalties on silly things like who our parents like or which teams are popular (ie. which teams are winning, which leads more of your classmates to be fans). Many cities only have one team per sport to root for. Here in Charlotte, the locals have to root for the Atlanta Braves because we don’t even have an MLB team (many would argue we don’t even have an NBA team either).

In cities with multiple teams, it’s a cardinal sin to switch sides. You can’t root for the Mets for 20 years then switch sides because they suck. It doesn’t work that way. If you’re a Mets/Jets/Knicks/Islander fan, your sports life pretty much sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Not since the Dodgers and Giants packed up and ventured out west, resulting in the birth of the Mets, have New Yorkers been given the opportunity to respectably jump ship. But thanks to our Lord and Savior, the God Emcee himself Jay-Z (his nickname is J-Hova for a reason), and the embarrassingly bad behavior of Isiah Thomas and James Dolan, we’ve been given a do-over.

So all you long suffering Mets and Jets fans who’ll likely go your entire life without seeing a championship? Y’all are just screwed. But for some of us, there’s an escape clause.

But don’t get it twisted – this Nets thing isn’t an invitation for everybody to switch. This is ONLY FOR PEOPLE FROM OR CURRENTLY LIVING IN BROOKLYN.

Meaning – if you were born and raised in Queens, but think Brooklyn is really cool? You cannot switch. If you “had an apartment once for a few months in Clinton Hills”, move on to the next article and just be glad that Knicks tickets will be easier to buy next seaon. If you were born in Brooklyn, but your parents moved to Jersey before you were old enough to pick out your own clothes? Then stop reading now, because this article has nothing to do with you. This “out” is strictly for those of us who were born and raised – raised – in Brooklyn OR currently live there. What that means is you have about four months to find an apartment in Brooklyn or else you’ll be stuck rooting for Kurt Thomas and wife-beater/telephone pole-attacker Jason Kidd next season. Good news though – rumor has it that James Dolan is passing on Jeremy Rin, but has deployed his top executives to find and sign Anthony Mason.

By the way: don’t try using a parent or friend’s address. No, no, no. Either you’re from or in Brooklyn. This isn’t some irrelevant school zoning – this is basketball. PS – apartments in Brooklyn are really expensive, as are Nets tickets and parking.

By the way pt. 2: The Knicks forward married Lala, but the Nets forward married (albeit briefly) Kim. Edge: Nets.

And I didn’t wanna bring this up Knick fans, but your starting center was naked on the cover of ESPN Magazine. That easily counters any Kardashian/Humphries insults you might be tempted to hurl.

Listen, I’ve been a Knicks fan for a long time. I had hair past my shoulders and had to shave it off on a bet when Reggie dropped 11 in 8 on us. Believe me, I’ve bled with this team. I’ve emulated Mason’s hairstyles. I’ve drafted or traded for Starks in every basketball fantasy league I was ever in. I watched the NBA change their hand-checking rules because they were tired of watching Knick playoff games finish with football-type scores.

This isn’t just Jay-Z or Bruce Ratner’s fault. It’s true, I’d pretty much let Jay-Z have babies with my wife if he asked me to. I’m as big a fan of him as I am of my son. I’m such a fan, that I ever listen to Kingdom Come on a semi-regular basis. But if Jay would’ve bought the Mets or Jets or anyone else and moved them to Brooklyn? I wouldn’t have changed. See, I like being proud of the teams that I support. I have a Yankees tattoo, a NY Giants (football) tattoo. I’ve bled for this Knicks team. And how have they repaid me? By letting Isiah Thomas run the blue and orange into ground. By giving Marbury a 400 year contract. By firing any coach or GM who ever had any success and by extending the contracts of whoever could embarrass us most. If they would’ve given me a product to be proud of over the past decade? I’d stay true. But I really believe that James Dolan is a Brooklyn Nets fan.

Will this be easy? No. I love Carmelo Anthony and have 4 of his jerseys. There’s a part of me that’ll probably always pull for my……I mean the Knicks to do well. And maybe my feelings will change once they actually take the court. But Brooklyn is in my blood. Nearly every good and bad childhood, teenage and young adult memory that I have comes from Brooklyn. I trust Brooklyn. I have pride in Brooklyn. Much more than I have in James Dolan, apparently.

Oh, and this is my second chance at an “out”, so don’t think I didn’t give the Knickerbockers a chance. I moved to Charlotte from New York last year and could’ve adopted the Bobkittens. The best thing about them is that you can buy court side season tickets for about $27 on Stubhub. As a side bonus, people can finally stop asking me if my blue and orange Carmelo jersey is a Mets “Anthony Young throwback”, which I surprisingly got asked three separate times last year.

So Knicks fans from or in Brooklyn – let this serve as your get-out-of-jail-free card. Sure, some people will hate. But that’s probably because they’re from the Bronx and are bitter. You’ve been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t blow it.

As Jay-Z and Little Wayne (even though Wayne is from New Orleans) so eloquently said: Hello Brooklyn!

Is it okay to switch alliances?? Leave comments below with your opinion…


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  • ‘sure some people will hate , they are bitter cause they are from the Bronx’ shots fired at champ ? 😳

  • i tweeted earlier:

    “as enticing as it is, you cant divorce your wife for the new bad broad who moved across the street….knicks fan i remain smfh”

    yea, the nets just put together a fairly nice squad and moved to brooklyn and all but the fact remains that they’re still run by billy king who is an abominable GM. i know that as a knicks fan, im the pot calling the kettle black but facts are facts. unless a GM like sam presti brings his talents to downtown bk, the nets will still have that new jersey stench on them.

    joe johnson’s owed an unbelievable amount of money for an older SG who only averages 18 ppg while brook lopez could only muster 6 rebounds per game the last time he was healthy. maybe they can improve as a ballclub but jumping the fence from a new-look knicks team is a bit premature for anyone given that we never had a healthy starting 5 at any point last season for a sustained period.

    melo, lin and amare (whose knees are so bad, they couldnt even be insured) all took turns on the trainers’ table while both melo and amare were out when linsanity first took place. woodson came in and did a helluva job getting our defense in order then we were given the poison pill of having to play the eventual champs in the first round without lin, shumpert, amare with half a hand after missing a game and chandler needing to get the theraflu.

    i’ve been a knicks fan since i could remember (bout 91) because they were the hometown team and have had to endure scott layden running us like we were a fantasy basketball team then zeke’s nutty ass flushing us even further down the shitter. now that things are starting to look sunny, leaving now for a team that’s been run even worse than us in the historical grand scheme wouldnt be the smartest idea.

    after all that’s been said, deron williams is my favorite player and i wish him success (i REALLY wish we couldve swung a deal for him by trading amare & a sign and trade with lin) but i gotta ride with the squad i grew up on. for the fence-hoppers, as much as i dislike the nets organization, please dont jump back on our bandwagon and be one of those sometimey giants/jets fans who ride with whatever team is doing well at the moment cuz that would make you the ultimate dickrider (or maybe that’s not such a bad thing since elliot wilson is still employed by a few outlets and is doing well for himself).

    either way, it’s good to see basketball back in the city since NYC’s always more vibrant when our teams are doing well but im not leaving the “wifey” of 21 years who just has to get her shit together for the bad jawn who just moved across the street but is a complete unknown that has a less than stellar past that would do nothing to suggest that she’s the better choice anyway. the choice is yours but the giants own the jets (and im a jets fan saying this), the yankees own the mets, and the knicks? time will def tell but i the only good things that ever came out of jersey to nyc were meadow soprano and victor cruz and one of them were fictional.


  • lmao @ PS – your starting center was naked on the cover of ESPN Magazine. That easily counters any Kardashian/Humphries insults you might be tempted to hurl.

    How could I ever be mad at you Bro? Good luck to your Nets, you bitch ass nigga

  • I’m in the same boat with Charlotte, because I live in alabama. We have NO PRO TEAMS! SMH! So, i’m a little on the fence with the question. However, I’ve always been a supersonics fan, so by default I became a thunder fan. I guess if seattle got a new team…I would still rock with the thunder. In reguards to the Nets though, I’d rock with the knicks over them any day.

  • Im a Sixers fan, so to watch you guys go through this “What should I do?” type of thing is kinda funny. Im stuck with my team, for better or worse because I was born and raised in Philly. Now you guys are lucky enough to make a decision. On one hand I think its stupid for those folks who made fun of the Nets to adopt them now because of the new location and some even because of Hov’s involvement. But I can totally understand riding with them if you are from Brooklyn. Either way, the media will talk about your teams all season anyway.

    • See, I see the word “Brooklyn” on the front of a jersey and I get all tingly. That’s my BOROUGH man! I bleed more Brooklyn than I do Knicks. To me, it’s an easy decision.

  • Unacceptable. I moved to Charlotte from Brooklyn in ’03 and never considered switching. I bleed Brooklyn. Glad I live here so I didn’t get swept up in the #HelloBrooklyn propaganda. Knicks for life