Lunch with Joe Budden & Tahiry: First Interview

This was a three-part series that was filmed over lunch with Joe Budden & Tahiry – his then-girlfriend and aspiring model. Tahiry had been the subject of many of JoeBuddenTV episodes, which was a reality show-type YouTube series.

The series gained popularity due in large part to Tahiry’s presence. It was not uncommon for the videos where she was featured to receive hundreds of thousands of views. Because of her newfound popularity, her and Joe had decided that she should pursue a career in modeling. I reached out to Joe’s and her manager Crystal to set up what would become Tahiry’s first interview. I also knew that Joe would want to be with her, so I figured it would be a really unique opportunity to sit down and talk.

It was a really cool experience. Both Joe and Tahiry came, as assumed, as well as Crystal. I also brought my wife Jenny it would feel more casual. Tahiry was understandably nervous, but handled it like a pro!

Funny story – we spoke for about 30 minutes after they arrived, when I¬†thought I had been conducting the interview. Joe finally asked us when we were going to start. When I informed him that we already had, he pointed to the camera and said “No we haven’t. The red light isn’t on.” Turns out my camera guy Nestor thought we were just chatting and hadn’t yet pressed record! It was completely embarrassing and we lost a ton of great conversation, but it worked out just fine in the end, as we spent an additional two hours together!

Part 1 discusses her experience since being on¬†JoeBuddenTV and her jump into modeling. Part 2 has them speaking about Slaughterhouse and on hearing her name in a battle rap by Joe’s foe Saigon. And part 3 has Tahiry revealing her secret tattoo. All 3 parts can be seen in the playlist above. Enjoy!

View some photos from our lunch with Joe Budden & Tahiry below.

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