Twitter is not your diary…

Written by Wil

Twitter is not your diary…

People often turn to Twitter to vent their frustrations. It’s the quickest way to get shit off your chest. I get it. I’ve caught myself doing it as well.

But don’t.

If you’re an aspiring artist, you have to realize that everything you do becomes part of your public persona, and therefore a reflection of your brand. Remember, your brand is what you’re selling – not your music. So what people read on Twitter will help form their opinion of you, regardless of its accuracy.

Twitter isn’t a book that you share your thoughts with and then stuff under a pillow. Nor is it a best friend that you call when you need to vent, confident that your gripes won’t escape past your conversation.

Being an artist is a full 360 degree circle. You need to be aware of all angles.

If you want to be “real”, that’s respectable. But then consider music a hobby. Don’t change anything about how you do music. Do exactly what you feel, act exactly how you want. Don’t consider it a career.

If you want somewhere to vent and share your most honest thoughts, create a separate twitter account that has nothing to do with music. Be as big of an asshole as you want. But on your artist page, you need to create an image and stick to it. You need to treat this like a business. Just like you wouldn’t air a commercial on television of you complaining about traffic, you can’t use twitter to talk about everything you don’t like.

Use twitter to show a side of your personality that will make people want to support your brand. Say something controversial if you’d like, or be nice, or be a jerk. Be whatever you want. But realize, you don’t get points for being “real”. If you’re polarizing on twitter, understand that that will affect who actually buys your album. It’s very easy to steal music, so you want to be very careful about what you present to the consumer.

Remember, people do business with people. They also buy music from people. The music can be found for free. People will pay for it if, in fact, it’s an artist that they decide they would like to support.

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  • Basically
    Saying all that small talk,random thought bullshit is the main reason I didn’t fuck with Twitter until last November. I thought that’s all it was until I looked closer and it’s really a powerful aide to you if used in the right context. Being a DJ,I pretty much keep my account to music related stuff but if I’m gonna venture outside of that,(I often do with sports),I damn sure try to be engaging and mindful of the fact I’m trying to attract an audience. Great article….