LADY LUCK: Letter to Hip-Hop

Written by Wil

Dear Hip-Hop,

FUCK YOU! (got your attention?) I have lived and was ready to die for you any day. Growing up you were all I had. You taught me how to dance, how to dress, how to kiss, how to be cool, how to speak, how to be me. My father wasn’t there when I was growing up and you made me feel it was ok. Every time my moms went and got high you comforted me. The 4 walls of my bedroom was our sanctuary with the sounds of the drums creating an escape. I loved you for that. You protected me from a lot of heartache growing up because we spent every minute together. To show you how much I loved you I dressed how I thought you wanted. Only hung around friends who shared the same love and admiration for you that I did. You only respected and dealt with people who had talent. That’s all I ever saw. When all the other girls began to become sexually active you kept me in the house or studio with you creating. I thought I was better than that. You always had a message, good or bad; there was always something to learn so that made you even more magical. A variety of concepts had me asking how you can possibly know every emotion I’m having. Every precious moment is stamped with you there somehow. Every step I took through life I can recall you singing something in the background. I never needed anyone but you. You gave me a reason to live, a purpose. My hero. I was proud to be a part of your movement. You started to make more money which made all of us rejoice. I stood by and proudly watched as you broke down doors and barriers. The media became obsessed with you. Then you began to change.

I should have noticed it when you became “gangster” but I was young and celebrated this emotion as well. It was what was going on. A voice for the youth that was experiencing a lot of anguish and suppression from “the man”. We are naturally animalistic and violence has existed since the beginning so this is no different, right? We still hung out every day but the vibe slowly was getting different. The parties weren’t as innocent and fun anymore. The environment you introduced me to changed. As you began to enjoy your success you treated everyone different. The message for the youth began to drown in the Champagne we were popping. Because of the “gangster” title everyone needed guns now to prove they were real. The women are now scantily clad and referred to as bitches and hoes because sex sells. And I’m no better. Yeah I enjoyed it too. I was happy we finally made it. All my “niggaz” can get off the block now. You created a job for millions! The world showed more interest and because of that you thought it was this new message so you pushed it even more. Now everyone was a gangster, pimp, player who ain’t love them hoes. Even when “niggaz” started dying I was blinded by your ways. It wasn’t your fault it’s real out here in these streets. But I witnessed you providing a soundtrack to a lot of the negativity in the streets. Of course I kept my mouth shut. How dare I speak against who has done so much for me? At least that’s what I thought. Before you kept exclusivity with your club. I began to notice you letting drug dealers cut side deals with you to let their artist in. It pained me to stand by and watch so many people began to abuse and mistreat you. Somewhere with the partying every night we lost sight. This club wasn’t the elite any more, it’s about who’s making the money. I’m confused on that as well. The few people still making money with you have a different message than the ones you constantly promote.

I’m not upset with you after all these years of me loving you I’m finally seeing you don’t love me back. Smh. I’m not upset you haven’t taken me where you have taken your other lovers. No. I’m disgusted with what you have become. I’ve been a fan of yours forever! So even if we never went where you promised I still would have supported your movement. Everything that made me love you is dead. You used to represent me and everything I stood for, now You stand for nothing. All of the f*cking drugs, alcohol and partying you’ve consumed, you lost sight. What kinda role model are you?! What example are you setting? Lol. That’s probably corny sounding to you by now. You have dumbed down for so long it’s not cool to THINK. I get it. I wrote this letter because through all my anger and frustration with you I love u still more than anything. I have always been in love with you. It breaks my heart to see as we grow in life were growing apart. The changes you have made makes it difficult to be around you. And because you have made so much money you probably can care less about what I have to say. I had to let you know how you’re hurting me. From the outside looking in I see the destructive effect you’re having on the community, the people, the kids. What happened to us standing up? So many minorities are being slaughtered by the police, yet none of your choice representatives say anything. I love you dearly, but if we continue down this road, we’re going to have to part ways. Tears come to my eyes when I say that, but I refuse to stand by and watch materialism, ignorance, greed and negativity destroy you and everyone around us. Hopefully you will show more love to the underdogs out here working hard to keep you alive. When and if you ever see the error of your ways, I’ll be here.

Love always,
Lady Luck


ABOUT LADY LUCK: Lady is an artist who was pretty much born into hip-hop. She’s experienced all the highs and lows of being a career artist. After signing a lucrative recording contract with Def Jam at age 17, Luck worked tirelessly to improve her craft. Though her and the label had a disagreement that ultimately lead to her leaving the label three years later, she has continued to release music, being a pioneer for female and independent hip-hop artists across the world.

You can follow Lady Luck on twitter: @iamladyluck

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