It’s A Hit!

Written by Wil

I’m sick of aspiring rappers complaining that the only reason artists make hits is cus “the machine” is behind them.

Where is this mythical machine?

These artists complain that the only reason they aren’t making hits cus they don’t have money behind them.

Well DUH! Who the hell starts a business with no money? Who becomes a doctor with no money? ANY business is going to require an investment. If you can’t pay for college or aren’t willing to go into debt or work your ass off for years to earn a scholarship, then you aren’t going to become a doctor. Simple.

Why does “the machine” invest in Gucci Man and not you? Cus Gucci Man convinced someone that he could sell records. It’s a BIZ-NESS. Why the hell would a label invest money in making a hit record for someone when they aren’t confident that person will provide a return on that investment? Would you give your valuable time to someone who you didn’t feel was worth it? And your raps aren’t going to get that return. Your SONGS will.

And I’m sorry, but making hit records is NOT EASY. I always hear “yea well all you need is a hot singer on the hook, a big name producer, some simple, repeating raps and boom – hit.

You know who wishes it was that easy? Everybody in the recording industry.

If it was that easy, believe me, labels wouldn’t be losing nearly as much money as they are now. People are quick to scream about labels raping artists. And to an extent, it’s true. But do you realize that about 99% of artists that labels invest in LOSE money? So yea, labels need to maximize the return they get on a Lupe Fiasco because there were 99 others before him that they lost money on.

Making hit records is a TALENT. It isn’t about writing the best raps – so save your tired old “my verses are better than Gucci’s” – it’s about writing the best SONGS. Big difference. Entirely separate skill set.

Wanna win a lyric award? Become a poet. Wanna win a music award? Write great songs.

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  • SWISH!!!!!!!!! WRITE A GREAT SONG! I know bunch of rappers some good and some bad. The decent one’s have good lyrics and flow and even voices but they don’t write songs well. I wish I could manage them and convince them to ghostwrite for others that way the combo would be good songs and not just rhymes. SHEESH! It hurts to see the best battle rapper on my block never get on cause he can’t write a song and his ego won’t allow him to ask for help from the corny guy in the highschool band.