An Open Letter to Aspiring Bloggers

Written by Wil

An Open Letter to Aspiring Bloggers:


Let me clarify. We don’t need any more blogs that simply copy and paste “news” and music that you find on other, more established blogs. What we do need is actual journalism. We need opinions. I have 176 other places to go get the latest J. Cole freestyle. I want somewhere where I can read opinions and gain insight on these releases.

I’m gonna relate this to sports again. If you were starting a baseball blog, would your entire site consist of scores and stats? No. Because I already go to when I need stats and scores. I wouldn’t go to (I made that up) to get the updated Yankees-Red Sox score. has already built trust with me for being accurate and quick. What I would do, however, is go to to read articles that give unique opinions about trade rumors, pennant races and individual performances. Why? Because the opinions of those writers are unique to that specific site and are something that I can’t find anywhere else, regardless of how long other established sites have been around.

Having said that, I’d only read articles that are well written or provide valuable, well thought out opinions. Same goes with music sites. It isn’t just about writing a Carter IV review. It’s about writing something that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s about being clever, or funny, or taking a different view from everyone else.

You need to capture someone’s imagination. Your goal is to make yourself someone that a person seeks out. When an album is released, you want people to think “I wonder what ____ thinks about this”. If you do that, then you’ll become one of the bookmarked sites that people actually go to.

Blogs, like rappers, are caught up in quantity over quality. The way rappers release half-ass, unfinished records in an attempt to stay relevant, bloggers often feel the need to compete with’s 25+ posts per day. They repost anything they can find, with little attention to posting quality articles or true exclusive content. Before I started blocking and reporting everyone for spam who added me to their mailing lists without my permission, I’d be getting the same “exclusive” music from blogs, sites and promotional “companies” for four days. That’s extremely ineffective.

If you want to start a blog, let it be an extension of yourself. Let it reflect your personality. If you don’t have a personality, then start a website and hire/partner with writers who have personality. If you aren’t doing that, then you need to at least find something to differentiate yourself. Create exclusive content. Unless your best friend is Drake and he’s sending you new songs directly, it’ll be difficult to compete with blogs who are part of the New Music Cartel. So let’s explore other ideas.

If you have access to artists, try conducting some interviews. But if you do, make sure you have an angle, you ask interesting questions. Everyone’s doing interviews these days, but asking the same basic questions. Or maybe create a blog that’s dedicated to a niche audience. A specific sub-genre, perhaps. Or maybe you focus on local rappers from a specific city. You can create a blog that films performances from different open mic nights and rates them. There are plenty of options. But please, we don’t need any more nahright-lights. You complain about artists not being original – don’t make the same mistake with your wordpress.


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  • I couldn’t agree more! The LAST thing we need, in ANOTHER nahright/2dopeboyz/etc.

    We have focussed on our niche and things have been going really well for us. We run a blog on African hip hop, and have received plenty of support from around the continent (and abroad) and are fast becoming the go-to spot for those interested in hip hop from the motherland.

    Have a look at this gig review we recently did:

    Ok thats enough for the self-promotion, hope you enjoy having a look around our site as much as we enjoy yours.

    Just added you to my RSS, keep the great articles coming!

  • I try my best to make sure my blog doesn’t highlight artist that are in the spotlight already. I remeber how hard it was for me to get on a site, so I leave the door open for up and coming artist. I try to do something that other sites don’t do and that’s review videos. I’m trying to stand out with a sub genre and niche market. Great article.

  • What if an artist is releasing his first debut mixtape, and was searching for a blog to give it a simple review ? Even if it’s small. And can you also refer me to any other blogs that are searching for aspiring hip hop artist ? Thank you.