Hex Murda Interview: F*ck Microwaves!

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Shake (2DopeBoyz.com): After being hit with a Pontine stroke and given a 7% chance of living, that muthafuckaHex Murda defied odds and beat the shit out of death. Although partially paralyzed on the right side without the ability to walk or talk, he still finds ways to get shit said. Check out this email interview he recently had with CultureVI.

Culture VI: When I send this interview out, a lot of sites are gonna reply to my email and say “Who the fuck is Hex Murda?”. So…who the fuck is Hex Murda?

Hex Murda: Just a nigga who has done all the shit a lot of these niggas rap about. Big Proof & J. Dilla Forever.

Culture VI: Why would anybody care about a manager?? Shouldn’t you just go manage and leave the interviews to Elzhi and those guys??

Hex Murda: I dunno. I only talk because those guys are very humble. They don’t like saying it but I will. Elzhi’s better than u. Guilty is a fucking Beast. Black Milk is the best producer/rapper alive. Danny Brown is better than whoever the fuck is on XXL’s Freshman 10. My niggas are the best. Our Extended Fam is the best. Sean Price is a monster. Ras Kass made half these niggas wanna rap. Bishop Lamont’s ear for beats and song structure is unmatched. Royce da 5′9 is a fucking terrorist on the mic. Like Phat Kat, Pharoahe Monch is an incrediible veteran MC & Jay Electronica is just beginning to shit on niggas lives.

Culture VI: You’re a manager. WTF does a manager do?? Besides collecting checks and ego trippin’, of course. (PS, i’m a manager too, so i already KNOW that all we do is collect checks and ego trip, i just wanna hear you explain it better.)

Hex Murda: I do every damn thing except rap & make beats. I make sure all the bullshit gets done (Like this interview). I make sure deadlines get met.

Culture VI: When people think of Detroit, they think of Eminem, Ford, Barry Sanders. Do you want to change that perception or do you just not give a fuck?

Hex Murda: I don’t give a fuck. Detroiit got the best HipHop. Flat out.

Culture VI: Detroit has some seriously talented artists. Some might argue that it has the deepest collection of talent in urban music right now. That hasn’t always been the case. Is this just a good draft class or is
Detroit a serious breeding ground for hip-hop that previously hasn’t had the exposure?

Hex Murda: Gods beget Gods. You see the lineage.

Culture VI: You’re one of the most retweeted people in the long, storied history of Twitter. You can literally tweet “fuck microwaves” and have dozens of people RT’ing it. For a guy who has “Murda” in his name, how did you become such a master of social media??

Hex Murda: Because I speak the fucking truth.

Culture VI: It used to be all about the streets, but now it’s more about the tweets. It used to be all about the back blocks, now it’s all about the laptops (I bet you wanna manage me now). What is the importance of
social media in the music industry today? And is it a positive or negative for music?

Hex Murda: It’s good for this “microwave music” culture that we live in. Shit is KILLING labels. I love it. and FUCK MICROWAVES.

Culture VI: You recently got in a fight with God and nearly lost. But you’re still here. I can honestly say that it felt like the entire internet shut down when the info leaked out. People were saying you got shot at a
club. For the people who still don’t know what happened, care to clear the air??

Hex Murda: I don’t think it was God,it was the other dude. God saved me. I had a fucking Pontine stroke. 7% survival rate. Shit ALMOST killed me.

Culture VI: And how’s the recovery going? Are there any lasting effects?

Hex Murda: Well,a nigga is fucked up. Partially paralyzed on the right side, can’t walk or talk. Fuck it,shit happens.

Culture VI: You’re about 7’ tall, 520 lbs of pure muscle. My guess is that you didn’t have much of a problem collecting money from promoters and such. How has that aspect of your business been affected? Are you still just as intimidating, rolling up on dudes?

Hex Murda: if a nigga owes me, he will pay. One way or the other.

Culture VI: What was the feeling the first time you logged onto Twitter after your incident and seeing hundreds of “get well Hex” tweets?

Hex Murda: Niggas showed love. I appreciated it. Still do.

Culture VI: How was this whole experience changed your perspective on live? I mean, I know it’s still “fuck everything”. But do you wanna fuck it just a little bit less, now that you’ve been given another chance?

Hex Murda: Fuck it kill ‘em all & let God sort ‘em out. Carpe diem.

Culture VI: Kanye once said “I wish a nigga would”. Shots fired at @hexmurda??

Hex Murda: Nah, I doubt that nigga knows I exist. He’s in that LadyGaga/TaylorSwift lane now. He gotta try & hold that down. We good over here.

Culture VI: Can I get a “Fuck Culture VI” quote from you??

Hex Murda: u know it’s “Fuck You” until the sun burns out.

Culture VI: Thanks for taking the time out, Hex. I speak for the entire Twitter population when I say that we’re glad you’re alive and we wish you well during your recovery.

Hex Murda: Fuck you.

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