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Wil Loesel

If I were to sum myself up in a few sentences, in order, they’d be:

I’m a dad to two amazing boys.

I’m a husband to an amazing woman.

As a friend, I try to be empathetic and reliable.

I’ve done some really cool stuff in music.

I’ve had a wonderful 17-year career in media.

My mom died. My dad died. My close friend and mentor Mateo died.

I’m a dad. A husband. A pretty reliable and empathetic friend. I’ve done some cool stuff in music, but

My digital marketing campaign kicked HBO’s ass (don’t tell HBO I said that).

I have the most random and eclectic group of friends imaginable, so there could literally be dozens of reasons anybody would end up on this page.

Experience is my interviews with dozens of successful music professionals and advice for aspiring artists.
Perspective is me sharing my experiences with depression, death and life.
Legacy is the  music that we created and were able to leave behind.

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  • hey man, i have been following you on twitter and you drop a lot
    of wisdom i am from mexico, i am trying to help a brother get
    into the mainstream and i am using you and others to figure
    things out, i just wanted to tell you, that you are one of the
    most precious in my twitter list, wish i could kinda ask you one on one
    maybe you should write a book :), about this thing you do, i also
    follow joel ortiz the man is the realest, i love like 200% of his stuff
    and all that, i once wanted to do rap, but i am a white mexican
    i get no respect and shit…. but yea respect bro!!!!
    i read your twits as gospel !

    peace and cheers

    hope you read this

    • yo man im REALLY sorry, but i completely missed this comment! i hope things are working out for you. always feel free to hit me up via email, twitter whatever if you ever have anything you wanna talk about.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Been looking for this for a while. It’s an incredible journey, i hope i can take some substance from, you’re certainly a motivated individual.

  • I found this site through Lady Luck and her letter to Hiphop. It was moving, as was your story. I am an aspiring Hiphop artist who’s viewpoint aligns very closely with Miss Luck’s. It was a pleasure “meeting” you. One day when my struggles have paid off, maybe I’ll be able to say that to you while shaking your hand. Peace and blessings.

    Jesse Flowinz

  • this is my first time reading something you wrote and i have to say its not gonna be the last…i appreciated the way you covered this album…I’m a big fan of J & K and I’m one of those people who listens to every single word and maybe only 3% of it may fly over my head…but i figure it out sooner than later…no surprise @ the clever witty cocky metaphors since they always keep us entertained with that…i have to admit though i had a few jokes saying the album should’ve been called Suck My Cone instead ; ) I wasn’t in the least disappointed like others who seemed to think by watchin the throne, the 2 would help us decode some deep dark secret on how we too can be down with the good ol ‘luminati…A LICENSE PLATE SAYING WHAT WOULD HOV DO??? I’m so appalled!! thanks for your knowlegable writing and i look forward to reading so much more of what u have to say…

  • Wil, this page says your father passed away November 2011, I’m assuming that should be last year? My regards, regardless.

    Your beginnings sound similar to mine. I dropped out of college and I currently feel like I have to outshine everyone in my day job just to get recognized and move up respectfully. Unfortunately it’s not in the music business as I had hoped, but I had already seen the dark sides of interning and worrking with shady business folks (one guys tried to steal my credit and identity… Long story). This has put me in solo mode working alone (recording and mixing my own material) aside from a lone producer who is investing in working on an album with me, which meant/means a lot because I have several time felt like maybe I shouldn’t pursue it professionally anymore.

    I appreciated your tweets, and even more so now because I can begin to appreciate your work. Glad to be a new fan, and I don’t mind networking if you ever have a need.


  • I found this site when I was in search of true feelings in regard to Troy Davis. Lol… I kind of flew off the handle a bit as I am a social networking virgin.. After reading about you and your struggles I have to admit that I feel you because I too have struggled in so many ways and is prepared for future struggle. I admire your motives and the reasoning behind your choices. Even though my inner “bitch” may rear it’s ugly head from time to time it’s because I look forward to your rebuttals. There’s nothing liking kicking a horse in the ass to make them take off running. Looking forward to future discussion.. Keep up the hard work playa..